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Yeah let's talk about that shall we.

So earlier this week, I mean really early, it was announced that ESRB gave Batman: Arkham Knight, the next and final game in the Arkham trilogy an M-Rating. This equally surprised the creative team behind the title as that was not their intent, however despite the rating they felt that they do not want to water down the story since they worked hard on it and really liked the story they're working on, I mean they REALLY liked their own story, I mean I can understand people taking their projects to heart, so they're going to go ahead with it.

Which is noble, rather admirable if I do say so myself... however this still brings up ALOT of controversy and even some negative praise and plausible (Or even likely) outcomes that could hurt the game itself, like fewer sales be they in the country, the store it's in or even to the intended customer.

But with that said, let me share my input on this.

The game being rated M is not my issue, quite the contrary there are M-Rated games that have proven to be quite unanimous in sales and praise (ex: Last of Us), but what is the issue is the framing, the context of the game which features a prominent comic book character who's been so familiar and idolized for 75 years now. (One that is of many other superheroes to also be renown and beloved by children what with the toys and cartoons but I digress) 

Batman is a dark character, but he's not up there with the characters in Vertigo Comics, At most the Batman mythos is PG-13 ... Although given the current comic book line up the new Batman stories most certainly seem like R-rated material but again I digress. Then again that does not mean I'm against the idea of a darker (If any darker) take on the Batman mythos, just so long as it's not too shocking and offensive and as long as it still has a good story to tell.

Also, there may be a chance that the ESRB might change their minds and re-rate to the T-rating it deserves. (If it truly deserves it.)

Do I approve of the M-Rating, No not really (Again it's to do with the context) but I humbly praise Rocksteady's and WB's decision to move on with the final conclusion in this Dynamic series.


Money Problems, really and issue? by TroyandFriends
Money Problems, really and issue?
I'm sorry but when it comes to establishment and building a steady economy, money CAN make the world go round, especially if your trying to make a successful living and making a name of yourself... YOU-NEED-MONEY! As an artist I myself need money to purchase a new computer and download new adobe products when I work at home. I need more money to buy new equipment to improve on my drawings and making them better for people to see online, I need money to jump start my career in art and animation... I honestly do not get where the term comes from: "More Money, More Problems"

Sure one should be for the art of it, but if you really need recognition for your art, then you need to get lettuce flowing to keep yourself fed and to reach out to the people you want to impress.

I bring this up because I am currently unemployed and my school schedule isn't helping. I'm busy going in and out of class as is, so I figured: "Hey maybe I can do commissions online, open up my paypal and even start a patreon account" But whenever I put them up I get zilch.

So please bare in mind, Money really can help you. Of course one shouldn't be greedy, but as is, it never hurts to earn what you need to get what you need... if that makes any sense.

P.S. I should have used a dollar bill as the background, I hate it when I think good ideas last minute.


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I used to be on ":iconteamartists:" with a couple other guys but now I'm on my own.

I like to draw but sometimes I'm not that good. I tend to run out of ideas But I do what I can with the help I need to accomplish it.

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