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Hey guys, so I just recently got an early viewing of Batman: Assault on Arkham, the first DC animated feature to be based on the Arkham game series.

So what did I think of the movie... Go to hell DC animation!

Sorry, Sorry, I got off the wrong track let me re-think this.

Okay, so this takes place two years before the first Arkham game, Amanda Waller recruits six (technically seven) criminals to enter Arkham Asylum to murder the Riddler... Yes, the same Amanda Waller from before the reboot... and she's ordering to kill people.
Because the Riddler knows the identitys to those same people... so, why does it matter to her? (Maybe the information would be tracked back to her, I guess)

So yeah they go to Arkham, mess things up on their own free will, and people die alot. Of course that gets the attention of Batman (Yeah great plan!) and when the Joker gets involved (In the last 18 minutes) things "Reealy" start to go bonkers... And the rest is just this:

"Hey look, this is based on the Arkham Games, and look how mature we're being with all our blood, sex, and profanity, and even a flip of the bird... look at us, We're DC! And we're being so mature, it worked so well with our three others movies, so who needs a complex story with timed character development like what we just promised you in the sneak peek?!"

Bullcrap! That's BULL and CRAP!

Never again WB animation!


It's the same problem with Flashpoint, Justice League War, and even Son of Batman.

Again, Story! Not Gimicks!!! That's what makes a good movie!

Okay, so I bragged that outt'a my system so let's talk about the animation.

The animation is, meh! Well, actually to be fair it's decent for the most part, it's the typical Moi Animation style we've seen before in Young Justice, but without character designs from Phil Bourassa, which is a nice change. Oh yeah the character designs are good too... save for Harley... they kinda got the color on her outfit backwards.

Also for characters, we have Batman of course... who is not really in it for long (We'll get to that) and then there's "The Suicide Squad" a team of mercanies (Killers) forced to do Waller's bidding or they explode... Just remember, this is the same Amanda Waller we knew and loved before the DC new 52 reboot.

We have Deadshot, Halrey Quinn, Killer Frost (Best design...Ever!), King Shark, Black Spider, and recurring Flash villain, Captain Boomerang... And boy are they disappointing! Yeah with such unique villains, we don't get development and backstory to them... and even if we did it's not much and it is forced and rushed. We have the Riddler of course (Also not much of an appearance) and of course we have, The Joker... Same problem as Bats and Riddler. I hope you see where I'm coming from here, if not watch the movie and come talk back to me later.

As for the voice cast, we get Kevin Conroy back as The Bat, and even C.H. Pounder to reprise her role as Amanda Waller from the animated Justice League show. Speaking of reprisals, we saddly did not get Mark Hamill for the Joker what with his retirement; but they got Troy Baker back in his place so it's good to have him back... for about 15 minutes of screen time! (Again we'll get to that) Oh and, Hynden Walch as Harley Quinn. She's not stranger to her as she voiced Harley before in, The Batman (Remember, that one show everybody forgot because they wanted to forget because they hated it so much), and she was okay, but I kinda miss Tara Strong, she feels much closer to Arleen Sorkin's performance... Actually I would have loved to hear, Kari Wahlgren take a crack at her.

Also, Nolan North as Penguin... not much with him either. And Jennifer Hale as Killer Frost... awesome! And... well this one is not even a kinda-sorta reprisal but... Mathew Grey Gubler as the Riddler, in place of Wally Wingert; He was okay.

For new actors we get Neall McDonough as Deadshot, John Dimaggio as King Shark, Greg Elis as Captain Boomerang and Giancarlo Esposito as Black Spider... no complaints, they were good. ^_^

So okay, here's what's been bugging me so much about the movie, it's not the intense violence and language spurred through out this "PG-13" rated movie, nor is it the lack of screen time for some characters, nor that some of those characters are just there to die, nor even some out of character stuff (Including Batman in one fight scene), nor is it that the overall artwork and animation is made to show how "Dark and Gritty" everything is, nor is it even just a rouse to cash in on the Arkham games... which by the way is why it works better in a video game and not a 75 minute animated feature.

No I think the main problem with Assault on Arkham is it's context, in particular with the title, "Batman: Assault on Arkham" bit of a contrivance since... it's not really a Batman nor an Arkham movie! Sure you got both the character and environment in it... but the movie is neither about Batman, nor Arkham Asylum. It's about the Suicide Squad... and not much was done well with them. Sure they got banter, and some awesome moments... but for the most part they really got no point to be here.

See this is where it get's screwy, you got these element conflicting with one another and it feels more like two or even three stories battling it out with each other. So, Why not just make a movie about the Suicide Squad... or better yet, why not, Secret Six?! That would have been awesome!!!

So yeah, not all proud with this movie... not saying it's bad, just not very well handled.

I'm going to give, Batman: Assault on Arkham, 5.5/10.

I just hope the next movie will have a much better story and stronger character background so let's se what we got. *Checks schedule* Oh, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis.

The sequel to Justice League War, which in no doubt we'll see Superman and Wonder Woman getting down... *Facepalm* You know... I do this to myself!
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