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which work of mine do you think is better, my pencil drawings or my digital drawings and coloring? And why?!


which work of mine do you think is better, my pencil drawings or my digital drawings and coloring? And why?!
Troll Concepts by TroyandFriends
Troll Concepts
So I just drew this recently, after having been influenced by a recent piece by the always wonderful :iconturnermohan: my own personal take on the Trolls of Arda.

I always thought the trolls interpreted in the Lord of the Rings films, designed by Weta were kind'a cool with their ape-like statures and facials, and elephantine physiology, but at at the same time they lacked the features of traditional trolls in folklore and nursery rhymes, the more pronounced noses and ears, tails, and weird facial hair just to name off the tip of my tongue.

The closest we got were the trolls in the first segment in the Hobbit trilogy, with Tom, Bert, and William. They were a bit closer to the traditional trolls, then along came fellow Deviant Turnermohan, who did his own takes on these mockeries of ents --

Snow Trolls  and 
Troll Studies

He had the right idea of incorporating the traits of trolls from old Germanic mythology and using ancient hominids as well as bears and elephants for anatomical reference, even more so than Peter Jackson's movies did (No offense PJ and Weta) so naturally I thought I'd try to do the same, while still trying to indebted some familiarity to the face of the movies, particularly with the jaw and the nostrils up up the nose.

Initially, this isn't my first attempt, as I drew these kind of trolls before, just by the end of 2015 --

Here The Wolf Rider and here Hiding From Trolls

This was also the perfect excuse to practice drawing a female troll, since I often think to myself, "Why haven't I drawn female trolls yet?"; and I knew she had to look less attractive than how I usually draw female orcs, and considering how orcs are already unattractive in contrast to men, elves, dwarves, and even hobbits, that's especially saying something in regards to trolls! So for reference I looked up models of Neanderthal women as well as images of modern female chimpanzees and gorillas, to make this individual here stand out with her femininity and even a strong female physique, similar to modern female powerlifters, but in a more regressed and somewhat distorted demeanor of course with a protruded mouth, broad nose and nostrils, bunched shoulders, and more slant cheeks with a more furrowed expression around the eyes.

I thought of adding body hair to, but I forgot at the last second. But I might get back to adding that later.

So what are your thoughts on this? Feel I need to improves on anything, then feel free to critique.
I have absolutely no problem with, Batman: The Killing Joke animated movie being rated-R... what I do have a problem though is what DC and other studios might draw from this and assume everything should be even more grimdark and R-rated, or even all the hype people audience are making of it and how they think everything DC makes should be rated-R.

Let's bare in mind, save for Watchmen, DC doesn't really have a whole lot of R-rated stories based in the DC universe itself, not even since the New52 reboot. I mean yeah, there's Sandman and Hellblazer, but technically they aren't really DC, they're Vertigo. (Yeah I know Sandman makes a couple appearances in DC, as well a John Constantine, in fact he's even more prominent now since 2011, but you get my drift)

Look, Dark Superhero movies can work, and they can be R-rated as well, but the problem is the limited resources we'd have to work from to do so; and the impression they should just take anything and make it unnecessarily darker and edgier than it needs to be, like Superman or Wonder Woman, or even the entire Justice League... Looking at you, Dawn of Justice!!

Anyway, I'm ok with an R-rated Batman movie for now, but for the future, unless your producing Watchmen or even Blackest Night, just stick making movies that don't need to be R-rated in order to tell a good story.


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Troy Troodon
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I used to be on ":iconteamartists:" with a couple other guys but now I'm on my own.

I like to draw but sometimes I'm not that good. I tend to run out of ideas But I do what I can with the help I need to accomplish it.

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